CCTV Pipeline Video Inspection

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a cost effective method of inspection for both sewer and storm pipeline. CCTV inspections help assure proper installation of line and/or utilities in addition to locating problems with or, simply, recording the general condition of an existing pipeline for inspectors and developers. We currently operate two specially designed state of the art CCTV trucks with on-board editing capabilities as well as wireless capabilities to transfer data direct from the job site. You will be working with very experienced operators and technicians who understand your needs and understand the ever changing dynamics of your project. In addition, all of our operators are N.A.S.S.C.O. certified technicians.

Our capabilities include inspection of 4 inch to 144 inch lines, sewer and storm, lateral launch from mainline camera, pipe locating with depth calculations, wireless capabilities and industry accepted Granite XP Software.

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The operation of the camera is controlled from above ground by remote control. A skilled technician operates the control panel, located inside the CCTV unit. From there, he can control the movement of the camera through the pipeline. He can move forward and backward and can also pan and tilt the camera lens up and down, left and right. He can control the lights on the camera and make them dimmer or brighter depending upon what conditions demand. The view, as seen by the camera, is transmitted to a television monitor at the control panel and then recorded onto a VHS videotape. A running footage total is displayed on the screen. Clear and sharp still photographs may also be provided. The final product can be delivered to the client in a number of different media formats including VHS, CD and DVD. We use industry accepted XP Granite Software as our operating platform.

An additional benefit of working with us is that we provide Vactor, pipeline cleaning and jetting services which are frequently needed to prepare the line prior to Televising. This will insure the best operational success. Our Vactor crew's and TV crew's work in coordination to accomplish a complete and professional outcome.