How The Econo - Vac Cleaning and Excavating Process Works

"Sewer and Storm cleaning and Jetting"

The Vactor truck is positioned at the access point to the manhole or catch basin with the hose reel centered above the opening. A special high-pressure hose fitted with a hardened steel jet nozzle is introduced into the sewer, storm or duct line. The hose is then charged with water pressure which is adjustable from 0 to 2000 pounds per square inch (psi). It is this water pressure when forced through the jet nozzle that pulls up to 600' of the hose up the line against the flow. Rear facing holes on the nozzle allow water to spray out the back and this is what draws the hose up the line. A center hole in front of the nozzle breaks up accumulation in front of the hose reel as it travels up the line for easy passage. The hose is then pulled back by the real on the front of the truck while continuing to run water pressure through it. All of the debris is pulled back along with it into the manhole or catch basin. The solid materials are then vacuumed from the structure and deposited into debris tank for disposal at a licensed disposal facility.

"Hydro-Excavation - Potholing For Utilities"

Hydro excavating utilizes vacuum and pressurized water to make safe excavations of virtually any size while minimizing the risk of damaging existing underground utilities such as fiber optics, gas lines, phone lines etc.. Trenching for underground utilities and pipeline installation's as well as geo-thermal installations and excavating for telephone and light pole installation's are other popular use's of Hydro-Excavation.

The VacCon PD, Positive Displacement Truck or (SuperSucker) utilizes an up to 60 GPM at 2,000 PSI variable flow jet system for softening the soil, then, the high pressure vacuum system is used to remove the soil leaving a clean hole in which to work or view underground utilities. Hydro-Excavating is a non-destructive method of excavating which replaces conventional backhoe and digging techniques while at the same time minimizes the risk of damaging or breaking a buried utility line, gas or fiber or other utility infrastructure. All of the material excavated is contained in the truck eliminating on-site clean-up and storage of material.

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