Sweeping Equipment Specifications

Regenerative Air Sweepers

Schwarz A-7000

Schwarze A-series Regenerative Air Sweepers Complete line handles any type of air sweeping requirements for municipal, construction and airport runway applications.

  • Increase pickup of small-micron materials in environmentally-sensitive areas
  • A7000's are certified as leading small micron sweepers by the Southern California Air Quality Management District Industry
  • leading quiet WhisperWheelsm fan system
  • Closed regenerative air sweeping chamber
  • Contains dust and debris High volume/high velocity airblast to pickup heavy and small- micron material.

Schwarze A-series regenerative air sweepers are designed to be used for a wide range of municipal and construction sweeping applications. A-series are excellent alternatives to mechanical broom sweepers for most road and construction cleanup sweeping requirements. The A-7000 is also much more environmentally-friendly because of their regenerative air design. The A7000 also comes standard with Schwarze's advanced technology WhisperWheelsm fan system, which reduces noise by over 70%, while increasing performance and fuel economy significantly.

Broom Sweepers

The Athey M9E Sweeper as with its predecessor, the popular M9D Sweeper, lives up to the exceptional standard's the Mobil Sweeper® is famous for and that you have come to expect.

A new Freightliner purpose-built cab and chassis, providing increased operator comfort and visibility. And with its outstanding features, the M9E will surely be THE sweeper to clear your way in the 21st Century!

  • Single engine design with a powerful, CAT 6-cylinder, 210 horsepower Diesel
  • Revolutionary load-sensing hydraulics adjust to various sweeping conditions
  • 2-speed rear axle
  • 5-speed Allison Automatic World transmission
  • Vehicle governed speed of 55 mph
  • Excellent 18' 6" turning radius
  • Hopper equipped with window and skylights
  • Variable high lift side dump lift hopper
  • Standard lift height is 11' 6" to the lip of the hopper door (14 feet to the bottom of the hopper)
  • 13,000-pound design lift capacity
  • Dual tilt, telescopic steering
  • Polyethylene water tank with 285 gallon capacity
  • 4-channel air Antilock Brake System (ABS)
  • Options include:
    • Pneumatic broom controls
    • Variable speed gutter brooms