CCTV Equipment Specifications

OZII Optical Zoom Pan & Tilt Camera

The OZII optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera system offers unparalleled imaging technology and built-in directional lighting for 6” to 72” pipe to produce the clearest picture and detail for your condition assessment. The OZII camera provides up to 40:1 optical/digital zoom, automatic focus, remote focus and iris control to assure the highest quality picture within varying pipe conditions. A remotely activated light enhancement feature is included to produce clearly illuminated pictures within challenging conditions such as larger diameter black pipe.

Steerable Pipe Ranger with Lift

The Steerable Pipe Ranger offers full proportional steering that enables you to traverse meandering pipe and 45° and 90° turns. Pipe Ranger inspects 8" relinedpipe through 60" diameter pipe. It's unique two speed transmission doubles the torque of the unit to produce maximum pulling power in large diameter pipe when the 10.5" diameter tires are installed. When assembled with a pan-and-tilt camera, the reduced length of the transporter / camera assembley can negotiate the most difficult entry conditions and standard sweeps. One joystick is used to control steering, the remotely controlled camera lift, and a pan and tilt zoom camera. The remote controlled camera lift precludes manhole entry during insertion and retrieval. The Steerable Pipe Ranger combined with the CUES OZ II optical zoom camera offers you one of the most compact assemblies in the industry.

Steerable Mudmaster Camera

The Mudmaster is a camera transporter that’s specifically designed with the necessary weight, power, speed, high clearance, and all wheel drive for pipelines ranging from 24” to 200”. The Mudmaster is a camera transporter that’s specifically designed with the necessary weight, power, speed, high clearance, and all wheel drive for pipelines ranging from 24” to 200”.

Lateral & Mainline Probe (Lamp)

LAMP is an essential inspection tool for identifying infiltration and inflow, solids accumulation, root infiltration, pipe defects, and the structural condition of lateral services and mainline sewers! The self-propelled LAMP accomplishes a one pass pan and tilt inspection of the mainline ranging from 6" through 24" diameter, with a simultaneous inspection of the adjacent lateral services up to 80 ft.! Equipped with two high resolution cameras, the LAMP picture in picture feature enables the operator to monitor the pan and tilt inspection of the mainline and launch a camera from the mainline to inspect the adjacent lateral service. LAMP is used in the horizontal boring industry for precise locating of lateral services, avoiding costly damage to the existing infrastructure during the boring process. LAMP is also used to verify the quality of rehabilitation processes such as lateral and mainline relining and spot repair.

Self-upright Mini Push Camera

The CUES self-upright mini push camera can be utilized in various system configurations. Designed to be compact in size, this mini-camera can be inserted through clean outs as small as 2” in diameter. It can be pushed up to 180' inside the pipe. Anything longer than that in footage can be completed by both ends provided the conditions are right. The mini-cameras versatility and reliability have firmly established it as the "Industry Standard" for portable pipe inspection systems.

Portable Lite-Stick Camera

The CUES Lite-Stick inspection camera is the only 100% wireless system on the market offering a built-in wireless video transmitter and battery in the pole assembly. Lite-Stick is the lightest and most economical portable inspection system in the market! This complete hand held confined space inspection camera provides high quality video as a stand-alone system or can be used in conjunction with our TV inspection unit's monitor, VCR or digital capture unit.

Receiver for Sonde(Locator)

All of our cameras are locatable with precise depth calculation. This makes the job more efficient and cost effective for you. Our lateral launch probe is detectable inside laterals as well.