Vac Services

We currently operate nine, 12-yard VacCon type Vacuum trucks. We offer both Fan type and PD or positive displacement type equipment. While these trucks are primarily designed for Storm and Sewer System Cleaning, we frequently use them for a variety of other purposes. They are ideal for locating, exposing, and tunneling under existing underground utilities, Hydro-Excavation, and for servicing large storm system vaults and on-site storage tanks; Baker type tanks.

We do not charge minimums on Vacuum services and we do not mark up disposal costs. We always provide two man teams on every truck, every job to facilitate the highest level of safety and production possible. Our trucks are always maintained in tip top condition by our in house staff of professional mechanics.

If you have a special project or request please call and we will go to work immediately on providing the most cost effective solution for your special projects.

Trucks are available 24/7 should you need emergency response and most call out work can be dispatched within the hour.


Easment Machines

Easment Machines crawl to manholes, or catch basins that a truck or trailer mounted Jetter cannot reach. The Prowler uses power from its on-board hydraulic system to drive the wheels or track drive, capacity hose reel, and auxiliary tool circuit, to operate the machine up to 1200 ft.